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Site under construction – First Post Example – Insurance – MZUNGU RIDES!

Site under construction – First Post Example – Insurance


Falling at the first hurdle


Sadly the trip hasn’t got off to a good start. Less than 3 weeks after I bought my DRZ it was stolen. Whilst a major set back I thought that my insurance would prevent this from putting a stop to the trip. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Despite buying the bike for £3000 MCE Insurance  have offered to pay out a paltry £400. After calling at least 20 times to an 0871 number (on hold for up to an hour on some occasions!) on Tuesday I was finally given some good news after 6 weeks. MCE agreed to pay out on all upgraded non performance parts (new seat, pannier rack, fuel tank, windscreen). However this wasn’t to be. After two days I found out that MCE have now gone on back on this offer and I’m back to square one.


One month on and I’m no further towards the end. I asked MCE to clarify something in writing to me. Its been nearly a month and three separate phone calls chasing up this email and it still hasn’t been sent to me. They’re trying to wear me down by making everything as difficult as possible.

To make matters worse for the last couple of months I’ve been plagued by ‘Injury compensation’ calls after MCE sold my details to third party companies. MCE traced my work phone number and even sold this to them. My office is now being spammed by these people.





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